Our Pets

Our pets are not just dogs and cats.  They are part of our family.  Caring for these members of the family is a bit different than caring for children.  Their doctors are very much the same except the patient is like an baby and can not communicate to let the doctor know “where it hurts”.  Often our dogs and cats are on prescription drugs just like we are.  We must know where to find these items at the best possible price.

Childhood is short and is best intermingled with pets.  This teaches the child responsibility, compassion, commitment and how it tickles to have your toes licked by your dog.  Almost any dog or cat that you can buy, may be found in a rescue shelter for a nominal fee.  These animals have had their shots, been spade or neutered and make fine pets.  Whether you are in the market for a puppy or kitten, or a more mature animal, chances are that you will find just the pet you want at a shelter.

I remember one time when I was outside hanging clothes on a clothesline, our female dog had given birth to 6 puppies and they were all around my feet.  I kept tripping over them.  There was a man running a road grader who was watching me.  He was laughing so hard that he finally shut the machine down and called to me, “what are you going to do with the puppies?”  I told him that I was going to give them away and asked if he wanted one.  He said he did and that he would bring his wife with him that evening and pick one out.  I didn’t know that my husband’s family had known this man for years.  He and his wife came over that night and got their puppy.  Years later, I saw the man again and asked about the dog.  He said that it was the best dog he ever owned.

Over the years, our family has had lots of dogs.  My husband was a hunter and had German Short-hair dogs for bird hunting.  They were not particularly good dogs around children and we had trouble with them biting.  We were adopted one time by a little black curly haired dog that was part schnauzer and part poodle.  I named him “whiskers”.  He was the best dog I ever had and was wonderful around the kids.  He was really my dog.  He was with me whenever I was at home and loved to ride in the car with me.  If I could find another “whiskers” I would adopt him in a minute.

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